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Wood Framed Structure

Throughout history, wherever wood has been available as a resource, it has found favor as a building material for its strength, economy, workability and beauty, and its ability to last has been demonstrated again and again. From the ancient temples of Japan and China and the great stave churches of Norway to the countless North American and European buildings built in the 1800s, wood construction has proven it can stand the test of time. The art and technology of wood building, however, has been changing through time.
Wood as a construction material has numerous advantages. For example, its light weight enables prefabrication and thus a short erection time and dry assembly. Studies also indicate that living in a wooden apartment has numerous benefits for the residents' health and well-being.
Studies indicate wooden materials create pleasant living surroundings in terms of humidity and acoustics, as well as contribute to reduced stress levels, among other benefits. Wood can absorb humidity based on the surrounding conditions and temperature. This improves the indoor climate of wooden houses especially if the interiors are also decorated with wood.
Studies of different wood species indicate that pine, being a soft wood, has the best capabilities in absorption and release of moisture. Pine has other interesting characteristics in terms of construction and living. The oils and compounds in pine have anti-bacterial features that diminish the creation of toxic compounds otherwise released by bacteria and mould into the air.
School children in timber buildings experience less stress, have fewer conflicts and concentrate better. These are findings from a Human Research Institute study where two classes, one located in a wooden classroom and the other in different surroundings, were compared.
Wooden interiors create a pleasant acoustic environment. The sounds can be described as "softer" than the ones in interiors designed with other materials. Wooden interiors also seem to have a calming effect on blood pressure and pulse. Additionally, a study conducted in elderly homes indicates that wooden interiors have a positive effect on the social life of the elderly
The usage of wood in construction has been rising in many markets recently. As a renewable and sustainable material, it brings interesting opportunities for the construction industry. The characteristics of wood can make buildings special for their inhabitants as well.

Advantages Of Wood As A Structural Material

Wood's principal advantages over the other common structural materials are
  • its economy
  • its appearance
  • its ease of working and reworking
  • Other advantages are better durability, high strength/weight ratio, and excellent thermal insulating properties.