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Real Estate Services (Sale/Purchase/Renting)

"It is difficult searching a property and more difficult finding a property you like. Manor Dwellings helps that process"
Manor Dwellings is one stop shop solution for all the property needs from Construction to Purchasing, Selling or Renting a property. We allow locals the opportunity to list properties intended for buy, sale, and rent/lease/PG. We help individuals find property for sale or to rent and provide information to help one make informed decisions in the property search process. It doesn't matter if they're only moving down the road or to a new area; we are here to help them find exactly what one wants.
Buying a new property is one of the biggest financial decisions of one's life. We help with the best offering property for sale which matches ones requirement.
For property sellers we understand how their property is priced compared to similar properties that have recently been sold in their neighborhood and give one an instant valuation.