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Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) Construction

LGSF includes all necessary service ducts and blocking for the attachment of fixtures and fittings and is built to tolerances of less than 1mm. Each frame is individually designed and certified to be located at a specific point in the structure. The inherent strength and design flexibility of LGSF construction enables increased spans, custom openings, curved walls and a variety of external architectural facade treatments; making it a versatile choice of construction material.
The LGSF load bearing system provides an opportunity to reduce the dimension of the supporting structural elements by decreasing the overall loads within the building. The just in time delivery model ensures there is minimal on site storage and material handling requirements prior to installation; perfect for construction sites with limited access or small set down areas.
The rapid growth of the construction industry in India since the early 1990s has seen the advent of several new concepts and technologies, perhaps none other bigger than the increase in the number of steel buildings. In fact, it won't be a misnomer to say that the age of steel
Gleaming steel structures are sprouting up quite literally everywhere, particularly in urban areas these days. The key reason behind their increasing popularity is that steel is no longer confined to being used only for industrial buildings or warehouses.
Today, from airport terminals to hangars, mega retail outlets, metro stations, even residential structures, you name it and designers can come up with steel buildings for the purpose.

Advantages of LGSF:

Structural steel's low cost, strength, durability, design flexibility, adaptability and recyclable nature make it the material of choice for the builder and developer over more traditional building methodologies. Advantages of LGSF include:
  • A significantly shortened structural phase of construction, which can result in substantial cost savings.
  • As installation methodology that opens up multiple works faces for finishing trades.
  • A lightweight prefabricated product that provides Design Flexibility & improves onsite material handling.
  • A load bearing capacity, Fire Resistance, Durable and Safe
  • An efficient manufacturing process with minimal steel wastage
  • Environment Friendly & Recyclable